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Solid Universal Satellite Dish | Free-to-air, Astra, Hotbird, Saorsat

by TekEir

Main Features of the Solid Satellite Dish

    • High-quality solid satellite dishes, Ideal for many satellite systems.
    • Material: steel or zinced steel
    • Made in Europe
    • See variations for sizes and bundles with LNB's, bracket and installation kits 

      What's in the box

      • Solid Satellite Dish
      • Elevation Bracket
      • Arm & LNB holder
      • Fixing Kit
      • See variations for sizes and Components.

      About the Solid Satellite Dish

    • Gives a higher signal gain than with a Zone 1/2 Dish Satellite Dish
    • Colour: Grey / Dark Grey ( See images on variations)
    • Dimensions: Comes in sizes from 60cm to 97cm
    • See Variations for options to buy LNB's, wall brackets and Installation kits
    • Ideal for use with Foreign satellites such as Astra1, Astra 2 Hotbird, Sirus 2, Sirus 3, Saorsat
    • Contact your local installer to see what size dish is needed for your area.
    • Components are as follows :
      • Wall bracket 
        • 60-65cm Dishes - 30cm from the wall, 23cm high
        • 80cm Dishes - 40cm from the wall, 23cm high
        • 90-97cm Dishes - 50cm from the wall, 24cm high
      • LNB's
        • Single - This LNB has 1 output
        • Twin - This LNB has 2 output
        • Quad - This LNB has 4 output
        • Octo - This LNB has 8 output
      • Installation Kit comes with the following:
        • 20m Satellite Cable Black
        • Cable Clips: 7mm Black Cable Clips (Qty: 20)
        • Connectors: F Type (Qty: 4)
        • Joiners: F Type Joiner (Qty: 1)
        • Cable Ties: 300mm x 4.8mm Black (Qty: 10)
        • Fixings: 50mm Grey Nylon Plug & Coach Bolts (Qty:4)
          • Note for dishes over 60cm its recommended to use strong bolts 

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