Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with ORAVA Universal TV's

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Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with ORAVA Universal TV's


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Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with ORAVA Universal TVs - Description

  • Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with ORAVA Universal TVs
  • Crafted from High-Quality Materials, our Remote control is Built to Withstand Wear and Tear, Ensuring Long-lasting Durability and Reliability
  • User Comfort is Prioritized by an Ergonomic Design, and Intuitive Button Placement, This Design Provides a Comfortable Grip
  • A User-Friendly Setup Process Allows for Quick Setup, Eliminating the Need for Complex Configurations or Programming
  • Straightforward Layout with Essential Buttons for Power, Volume Control, Channel Selection, and Menu Navigation
  • An Infrared (IR) Range of up to 15m Enables Users to Control their TV from a Greater Distance
  • Manufacturer: Tekeir®

Remote Control for ORAVA Universal TVs - What's in the box

  • Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with ORAVA Universal TVs

ORAVA Universal Remote Control - Features

With its simplified operation and intuitive layout, our Replacement TV Remote Control offers a hassle-free experience for users of all ages. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for hours of comfortable use without hand fatigue.

Our replacement remote control boasts exceptional durability and reliability, thanks to its high-quality construction. Made from sturdy materials, it is built to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

Enjoy the freedom of controlling your TV from a distance with an extended infrared range of 15m. Whether you're relaxing on the couch or across the room, you can effortlessly adjust volume, change channels, or navigate menus without any signal interruptions.

Choose affordability without compromising quality. Our Replacement TV Remote Control is a cost-effective option that delivers exceptional performance. Whether you need a primary remote or a backup for emergencies or replacements.

Take control of your TV experience with our reliable, versatile, and user-friendly Replacement TV Remote Control. Simplify your entertainment system, enjoy effortless operation, and enhance your viewing pleasure with this must-have accessory.

Compatible ORAVA TV Remote Control - Specs

Key Functionality  
IR Range 15m
Batteries Required 2x AAA (Sold separately)
Number of Buttons 51
Multimedia Buttons Dedicated MultiMedia Buttons for Netflix and YouTube
Colour Black
Compatibility LT-1012LEDC82B,LT-1016LEDA110B,LT-1017A211SA,LT-1017LEDA110B,LT-1018LEDM92B,LT-1018LEDM96B,LT-1020LEDA130SA,LT-1094LEDC97B,LT-1094LEDD110B,LT-1095,LT-1095LEDB82B,LT-1095LEDC110B,LT-1098LEDB211D,LT-1099A211SA,LT-1099LEDA97B,LT-1099LEDB110B,LT-1100LEDA120B,LT-1120LEDA120B,LT-1120LEDA130C,LT-1200LEDA110B,LT-1210A211SA,LT-1210LEDA211B,LT-1222LEDA82B,LT-1230LEDA100B,LT-1235LEDA120B,LT-1235LEDA130B,LT-1397LEDA130,LT-1400LEDA100B,LT-1410LEDA120B,LT-1411A130D,LT-1652LEDA98B,LT-1653LEDA120B,LT-1653LEDB130B,LT-1900LEDA130B,LT-515LEDH94B,LT-516C82B,LT-516LEDC82B,LT-611C82B,LT-612LEDA82C,LT-613A140C,LT-613LEDB82B,LT-613LEDB82C,LT-614LEDA140B,LT-630LEDE93B,LT-631LEDA140B,LT-631LEDB82B,LT-632LEDA110B,LT-632LEDA140C,LT-633LEDA140A,LT-721LEDA140B,LT-823LEDA140B,LT-823LEDF140C,LT-823LEDF82B,LT-828LEDA82B,LT-828LEDC82B,LT-829LEDA82B,LT-829LEDB82B,LT-829LEDC140C,LT-829LEDC82B,LT-830LEDA140B,LT-830LEDC110B,LT-830LEDC110B,LT-831LEDB82B,LT-835LEDA110B,LT-835LEDB110B,LT-835LEDB211C,LT-840LEDM92B,LT-840M96B,LT-841LEDA140B,LT-842LEDA140B,LT-843LEDA211A,LT-844A211SA,LT-845LEDA211SA,LT1012LEDC82B,LT1016LEDA110B,LT1094LEDC97B,LT1095LEDB82B,LT1099LEDA97B,LT1222LEDA82B,LT516LEDC82B,LT612LEDA82C,LT613LEDB82C,LT632LEDA110B,LT828LEDA82B,LT828LEDC82B,LT829LEDA82B,LT829LEDC82B,LT830LEDC110B,LT830LEDC110B,LT831LEDB82B,LT835LEDA110B,RC-22137,RC-2218,RC-2290,RC-43100,RC-43101,RC-43148,RC-4319,RC-4390,RC-4391,RC-A49140,RC1825,RC22137,RC2218,RC2290,RC3900,RC3902,RC3910,RC3920,RC43100,RC43101,RC43148,RC4319,RC4390,RC4391,RC4800,RC4822,RC4825,RC4845,RC4846,RC4900,RCA-49140,RCA49140