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UPC TV Modem Virgin Saorsat Sky Magic Eye Splitter

by TekEir

Main Features of the Saorsat Splitter

  • Inputs: 1
  • Outputs: 2 or 4
  • Connections: F Type
  • Range: 5-2400MHz
  • Loss: 4dB
  • Power Passing: Yes (On All Legs)
  • We have tested and successfully split the Saorsat signal 4 ways
  • Also, note that you must individually tune in Saorsat on each box before connecting in the splitter

What's in the box

  • Way UPC TV Modem

About The Magic Eye Splitter

  • TV Modem Virgin Saorsat Sky Magic Eye Splitter
  • Can also be used to split UPC signal between TV & modem for internet & phone
  • A simple way of splitting Saorsat signal
  • Very inexpensive compared to :
  • Buying extra KA Band LNBs or Dishes
  • They are relatively easy to install

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