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Dual LNB Holder 2 Way LNB Holder | Durable Design | Easy to Install

by TVTech
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Main Features of The 2 Way Multi LNB Holder

  • For Combining Saorsat & Freesat LNB's
  • Can be used with many Universal Satellite dishes e.g.
  • For Smart, Triax, etc which use a 40cm diameter LNB neck
  • LNB holder is secure and resistant to weathering
  • It is easy to install or retrofit on an existing dish
  • This will not work if the satellites are too far away from each other in the sky
  • But the ideal for Saorsat & Freesat Combination
  • Limited to a maximum of 2 satellites
  • Not as flexible as a motorised dish system
  • Material: Hard Durable Plastic & Aluminium
  • LNB Holders: 2
  • The diameter of LNB Holder: 40mm

What's in the box

  • 2 Way Multi LNB Holder

About 2 Way Multi LNB Holder

  • Allows up to 2 LNBs (each picking up a signal from different satellites) to be mounted on a single satellite dish
  • Ideal for combining the Saorsat & Freesat Channels from Eutelsat 9e & Astra 28.2e
  • As the LNB holder clips on to the LNB and not the dish it can be used on any Universal satellite dish e.g. Triax, Smart
  • Normally used in conjunction with a 2x1 Diseqc Switch which combines the feed from 2 LNBs into a single cable

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