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Dummy CCTV Bullet Camera - Solar/Battery Powered

by TekEir

Main Features of the Dummy Bullet Camera

  • Solar Powered Dummy Bullet CCTV Camera
  • Colour: Silver Housing
  • Material: Polystyrene Plastic
  • Camera Dimensions (LxWxH): 160x80x74mm
  • Bracket Dimensions: 100mm Long & 60mm Base Diameter
  • Bracket Arm Rotation: Full 360º
  • Weight: 265g
  • Solar Panel: 75 x 40mm

Whats in the box

  • Dummy Bullet Camera with IR LED Lights

About Dummy Bullet Camera

  • Mount it on ceiling or wall in business, shop, home, yard or public area
  • Covering an area that is difficult to connect into existing CCTV system
  • Ideal for locations without a local power source
  • Extremely realistic dummy bullet camera
  • As it's solar powered, it is ideal for locations where there is no local power source
  • LED lights on the camera are very realistic and adds to the product's credibility
  • Batteries will recharge via solar panel on bullet camera
  • Power Indicator: Blinking Red LED (Blinks at 5 Second Intervals)
  • On/Off Method: Removal/ Installation of Batteries
  • Power Source: 2x 1.5V AAA Normal or Rechargeable Batteries (Not Included)

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