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TekEir Home WiFi Hotspot Twin Set,Range: 300m (Max)

by TekEir
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So Whats the Wireless Homeplugs used for

  • Create Your Own WiFi Hotspot with both units, one unit will pass the wifi signal to the wireless unit, thus giving you wifi in the other location.
  • Range: 300m (Max)
  • Each Homeplug unit is 3 Pin and offers a 10/100 ethernet port for connectivity with LED to indicate power wifi and ethernet.
  • No need to re-wire or add cables around your home or office
  • Extends the range of your wireless network

So How the Wireless Homeplugs work

  • Wireless Homeplug Extender
  • AV500 PoE Homeplug
  • User Manual & CD

So How the Wireless Homeplugs work

These units send signals to any room, over the electric cables, at the speed of up to 200Mbps, all without having to rewire or add in extra cables.

This kit provides the minium units needed to set up your wifi in the remote location.

  • The none wifi unit is connected to your router via ether cable.
  • What this unit does is send the signal via the electrical cables in your house.
  • Plugin the wifi unit and turn the unit on. this should pick up the signal in the electrical cables and then using its wifi signal it sends it out, allowing you to connect your device to this unit
  • It can also be connected via an ethernet cable at this point
  • Other Specs
    • Home Plug 1.0 specification
    • HomePlug AV, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u,IEEE802.11n/g/b
    • Encryption: 128-bit AES, WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Encryption
    • Platform Support: OS Independent with TCP/IP protocol installed
    • Power Supply Input Voltage: 100 - 240V
  • Some areas these work well in:
    • Multimedia payloads
    • TV over IP
    • Higher data rate broadband sharing
    • Online gaming
    • VOIP calls
    • Extending wireless LAN coverage
    • Audio / Video Transmission over a network
    • Network camera connectivity

Video guide / Setup process

Videos Coming Soon.

See the video above for the product overview.