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Tekeir Universal Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Some Humax Models

by Tekeir
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€6.50 - €6.50
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Grading Information


Sold in its Original Packaging, Factory sealed. 


A renewed product is a high-quality, like-new item that is open-box never used or renewed to manufacturer standards.


Products having been owned in the past by someone else. Open-box: Product shows packaging was opened.


The term 'refurbished' refers to items that have undergone maintenance before being resold.

GA - Grade A

A product restored to like-new condition:

  • Looks Like new at first glance 
  • very light scratching , not visible from 18cm away
  • No dents. No Wear on the camera bezel.
  • Screen: No visible Scratches

GB - Grade B

A product restored to a Very-good condition:

  • Some signs of use such as light body scratches.
  • Up to 5 hairline scratches, not longer than 2.5cm, that you can't feel with your fingernail.
  • 1-2 small dents/dings no more than 0.3cm wide.
  • Very light scratching, invisible when screen is lit.

GC - Grade C

A product restored to a good condition:

  • Moderate signs of use such as small scratches or dents.
  • Up to 10 visible scuffs/scratches not longer than
  • 2.5cm.
  • Up to 5 dents/dings no more than 3mm wide.
  • Light to mild scratching, invisible when screen is lit.
  • When selecting a replacement remote control, it's crucial to ensure it is compatible with your exact Humax model. Each Humax device may have unique codes and functionalities, so double-check the compatibility information provided by the manufacturer or retailer to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Assess the replacement remote control's features and functions to determine if it meets your needs. Consider whether it provides all the necessary buttons and functionalities for your Humax device, including volume control, channel selection, recording functions, and access to special features like streaming services.
  • Evaluate the build quality and durability of the replacement remote. Look for a remote control that feels comfortable in your hand and is made of sturdy materials to withstand everyday use. A durable remote will save you from frequent replacements.
  • Check if the replacement remote control offers an easy and straightforward programming process. Some remotes come pre-programmed for popular brands and models, while others may require manual programming. Choose one that aligns with your technical proficiency.
  • Consider the reputation of the manufacturer or brand providing the replacement remote control. Well-established and reputable brands often offer better customer support and warranties, ensuring you have assistance if any issues arise with the remote control.
  • What's in the box

    • Tekeir Replacement universal remote control compatible with Humax


    Selecting a compatible replacement remote control for your Humax device is a decision that can significantly impact your daily entertainment experience. Whether you own a Humax HDR-2000T, FVP-4000T, FVP-5000T, HDR-1800T, DTR-T2000, DTR-T1000, DTR-T1010, RM-109U, RM-H04S, or RM-H65, finding the right remote control is essential for effortless control of your television viewing and recording.

    Compatibility is Key: The cornerstone of choosing a replacement remote control is compatibility. Humax offers a diverse range of set-top boxes and digital television recorders, and each model has its unique set of remote control codes and functionalities. Therefore, it's paramount to confirm that the replacement remote control you intend to purchase is explicitly designed to work with your precise Humax model. This information can typically be found in the product specifications provided by the manufacturer or retailer. Verifying compatibility at the outset is crucial to avoid any frustrating issues later on.

    Features Tailored to Your Needs: Remote controls are not created equal, and the features and functions they offer can vary widely. As you consider a replacement remote control, assess whether it provides all the essential buttons and functionalities necessary for your Humax device. This includes fundamental functions such as channel selection, volume control, and power management. In addition, check whether it offers access to advanced features like the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), recording capabilities, and quick access to streaming services. Ensure that the remote control streamlines your interaction with your Humax device, making it effortless to navigate its features.

    Craftsmanship and Durability: The build quality and durability of your replacement remote control are factors that can significantly influence your long-term satisfaction. Your remote control should feel comfortable in your hand and be constructed from high-quality, sturdy materials that can withstand daily usage. Opting for a well-constructed remote control can save you the inconvenience of frequent replacements and repairs.

    Simplicity in Programming: Programming your replacement remote control should not be an arduous task. While some replacement remotes come pre-programmed for popular brands and models, others may necessitate manual configuration. Consider your level of technical proficiency and select a remote control that aligns with your comfort level when it comes to setting up and configuring electronic devices. An easy and straightforward programming process can simplify the initial setup and save you time and effort.

    Trustworthy Brand and Support: The reputation of the manufacturer or brand behind the replacement remote control is a factor worth considering. Established and reputable brands often provide superior customer support and warranties. Should any issues arise with the remote control, having access to dependable customer support can make a substantial difference in resolving problems promptly and effectively.