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TekEir Power Pass 4 Way TV Splitters

by TekEir
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So Whats the Power Pass 4 Way TV Splitters used for

  • Very effective means of splitting the signal with a low level of signal loss
  • Can be used with masthead amplifier as it allows power to pass through
  • Very inexpensive compared to a Distribution Amplifier
  • Does not need a power supply
  • They are compact and have a robust metal housing
  • They are relatively easy to install
  • In a good reception area, they can feed the signal to at least 4 and up to 8 TVs without a significant signal loss

So What's in the box

  • Power Pass 4 Way TV Splitters

So How does a Power Pass 4 Way TV Splitters work

  • To split a TV signal to several rooms
  • For use in conjunction a power unit and a masthead amplifier
  • Split TV analog signal to give independent viewing in several rooms
  • The split output from a sky box to allow sky picture to view in more than one room (will only support a sky eye on 1 leg - the power passing one)
  • Inputs: 1
  • Outputs: 4
  • Connections: F type
  • Range: 5-2300MHz
  • Bands: FM / UHF / VHF / Satellite
  • Power passing: 1 leg
  • Model #: proSPL409P
  • Loss: 9dB
  • See Users Technical Installation manual on splitters

Video guide / Setup process

Videos Coming Soon.

See the video above for the product overview.