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Proception RF Modulator Black LED Display

ex VAT (ex VAT)

So Whats the UHF RF Modulator used for

  • Satellite receivers without an RF out
  • Reliable and relatively low cost
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can allow entire VHF/UHF range to pass the loop through
  • Can select from the entire UHF range
  • Solves the problem of many units e.g. DVDs etc no longer coming with RF outs
  • You can set the output frequency
  • So What's in the box

    • UHF RF Modulator
    • Phono to Scart Adaptor

    So How does the UHF RF Modulator work

    This is a general-purpose AV modulator for use where a UHF TV signal needs to be generated from the output of equipment that does not have an internal modulator.

    Varied uses include:

  • Inputs: 2
  • AV
  • RF IN: 47-862MHz
  • Output: 1
      • RF OUT: 47-862MHz
      • Connection Type: F-type
      • Manufacturer: Proception
      • Part #: proMOD1 Mk2
      • 3 Pin Plug, 3 Amp
      • Colour: Black
      • Channel LED Display
      • Power On/Off Button
      • Channel Selection Buttons (Up/Down)
      • Also Includes a Phono to Scart Adaptor
      • CCTV security systems
      • Farmers calving camera systems
      • DVD players
      • Camcorders

    Video guide / Setup process

    Videos Coming Soon.

    See the video above for the product overview.