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F Type Joiners | Quick Plug F Connectors

by TekEir
Original price €3.25 - Original price €30.75
Original price
€3.25 - €30.75
Current price €4.25
Pack Size: 5 Pack

Main Features of the Quick Plug F Type Joiner

  • This joiner is used to extend or join your F connector terminated cable.
  • Can be used as a quick disconnect for your system.

What's in the box

  • Quick Plug F Type Joiner

About Quick Plug F Type Joiner

  • Simply push in the 2 ends of the cable and it securely joins them together.
  • Easy to use and provides a secure grip

Quick Plug F Type Joiner
AKA Push On F Type Coupler, Quick Fit F Joiner
Gender: Male to Male
Connections: 2x F-Type Plugs
Colour: Silver
Sold Individually in 1s
USES of Quick Plug F Type Joiners
Use to join together 2 cables which have been terminated with an f-type female connection
Especially of use when working with cables that need to be securely combined and quickly disconnnected and reconnected e.g. if testing or programming a series of satellite receivers
ADVANTAGES of Quick Plug F Type Joiners
It gives a firm connection
It is a quality f-type joiner
They are quick and easy to install or remove
Less likely to come apart accidentally than a coaxial coupler
DISADVANTAGES of Quick Plug F Type Joiners
They are more expensive than than coaxial joiners
F-Type joiners have a limited number of uses