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TekEir Satellite Dish LNB Feed Arm

by TekEir
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So Whats the Satellite Dish LNB Feed Arm used for

  • MK4 Sky dishes Most recent design. Come with a 'Snap-on' LNB design (which features a mini-spirit level)
  • Makers include: Triax, Raven, Electronic Link (EL)
  • EL represent about 95% of all Satellite Dishes installed in Ireland
  • You can use this feed arm on your Sky Satellite Dish (must be an Electronic Link EL Sky Dish) if
  • it becomes badly corroded or broken
  • you wish to replace your LNB on your old MK3 (again must be EL) and want to replace the LNB feed arm so it takes a new MK4 LNB (Single, Quad or Octo)
  • Saves having to buy a whole new dish
  • The LNB feed arm is often the first part of the dish to be worn away
  • Very easy to change out - just need a Philips screwdriver. Can be done in 60 seconds
  • Suits over 90% of all Sky Dishes in use
  • No need to re-align the dish (which would normally involve a professional installer)

    So What's in the box

    • Satellite Dish LNB Feed Arm

    So How Does It Work

  • Replacement Feed Arm to Hold a Mark 4 LNB
  • Compatible With Sky Type Satellite Dishes
  • Colour: Grey
  • Manufacturer: Electronic Link
  • Dimensions (LxWxH: 350*26*18mm)
  • Suits LNBs: Single, Quad and Octo LNBs will fit this arm
  • Version #: Mark 4 (snap on)
  • MK3 Sky dishes: Used up to June 2009. Comes with a 'Push On' LNB design
  • Video guide / Setup process

    Videos Coming Soon.

    See the video above for the product overview.