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TV Remote Controls

How many hours in your life do you think you've wasted trying to turn on your television with a complicated remote control?

There's a pretty good chance you've encountered this situation more than once or twice in your lifetime, but there are ways to limit the mess of remotes.

A universal remote is a remote control that operates TVs and/or audio and video devices of any brand. One for all invented the universal remote control decades ago for two purposes: to replace broken or lost remotes and to combine all remotes of a household into just one. Universal remotes come in a wide range of varieties some have lots of buttons and some only a few. They're usually bigger than your standard manufacturer's remote, so they're not so easily lost between the couch cushions.

Unlike most ordinary remotes, many universal remotes come with a battery backup feature like flash memory that allows you to save your programmed commands in between battery changes. Charging cradles are another option for ensuring that you don't lose programmed memory.

Universal remotes can help transform how you control what's showing on your TV, universal tv remotes give you full control over your TV, Soundbar and more.

Most of our remotes are replacement remote controls that work with the brand as advertised. We do offer some original remote's (these are marked accordingly) but they are getting hard to source now as these manufacturers have stopped production.

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