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Satellite & Saorview Receivers

Satellite Receivers are a form of TV programming that sends wireless signals to televisions globally. This transmission happens through a network of communication satellites, radio signals, outdoor antennas, and broadcast centres. Satellite TV works with a special kind of antenna, commonly referred to as satellite dishes.

These dishes send satellite signals to a receiver. In many cases, these receivers are built-in systems in TVs or the form of a set-top box. The program source sends signals to a service provider broadcast centre.

Your satellite dish (typically installed outdoors) picks the waves and sends them to the receiver, which decrypts the programs and coverts to audiovisuals on your TV screen.

Satellite receivers are the major source to enable you to get the best satellite TV service for your home entertainment, and our collection of high-definition satellite receivers is the right place to get yourself the best satellite receiver. 

Primary functions of a satellite receiver include:

  • Decrypt satellite signals: To access satellite signals, your receiver has to, first, decode the programming package. The network provider interacts with the chip through signals to adjust the decoding programs appropriately.
  • Transmits decrypted signals to TV as audiovisuals: In the US, for instance, satellite receivers transmit signals in NTSC format. You can also get HDTV signals on some dish and receiver configurations
  • It delivers custom channels: based on your preferred subscription package.

Free-to-air satellite receivers

Free to air are boxes that have a satellite tuner to get all the free channels from a satellite system. If you want to unencrypt satellite television and radio programming without paying for a subscription service, they are the best solution for you. In addition to that, the most used Satellite frequency for Ireland and England is Astra 28.2°E, giving you all the free to air channels from the UK.

Satellite tv receiver

It can be challenging to find the right satellite decoder boxes, as there are all kinds of satellite tv receiver brands to choose from. Here you will find the best Satellite TV Receivers with the latest features.

And in case you need a new dish?
We sell a wide range of HDMI cables and Satellite Cables to fully connect your dish to your TV.

Saorview Boxes in Ireland

A Saorview box is an essential piece of technology for homes across Ireland. This digital television receiver provides free-to-air access to a wide range of national and international television and radio stations. Unlike paid cable or satellite services, once you've installed your Saorview box, there are no monthly fees to worry about.

The Saorview box taps into Ireland's digital terrestrial television (DTT) system, Saorview, which offers a variety of channels including RTÉ One, RTÉ2, Virgin Media One, TG4, and more, in crisp, clear, digital quality. The boxes can also receive and display High Definition (HD) content, providing a superior viewing experience.

Equipped with an electronic program guide (EPG), Saorview boxes allow you to plan your viewing ahead of time. Many models come with additional features such as recording capabilities, the ability to pause and rewind live TV, and even Internet connectivity for on-demand streaming services.

Setting up a Saorview box is quite straightforward. All you need is a television with a HDMI or SCART connection, a Saorview box, and an aerial. It's an easy DIY job for most people, and full instructions are usually included with the box.

All in all, Saorview boxes in Ireland offer a cost-effective and hassle-free solution to enjoy a broad selection of TV and radio programs, with the convenience of digital quality and additional features.