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Dual-arm-tv-wall-bracket-on-the-white-backgroundDual Arm TV Wall Brackets' installation hardware kit information
TV-tilt-mounting-bracket-on-the-white-backgroundA TV Mounted using the TV Tilt Mounting Bracket For 19-65" Flat-Screen TV's
Barkan-Swivel-and-Tilt-TV-MountBarkan Swivel and Tilt TV Wall mount in its box
Hangman-Soundbar-ShelfHangman No Stud Sound Bar Shelf mounted below a TV
Hangman shelf on the white backgroundHangman-Shelf-White-Installed
Hangman No Stud Floating Shelf Sale priceFrom €27.99
Plastic 12 inches Tv Top ShelfPlastic 12 inches Tv Top Shelf
Barkan-Dual-Arm-BracketDual Arm TV Mounting Bracket for 15-29" TVs in box
Barkan-Tilt-MountTV mounted using the Tilt TV Mounting Bracket Fits Sizes 15-26" TVs
Barkan-Ceiling-BracketCeiling Mounted TV Bracket For TVs up to 75" with a TV and Swivel information
Barkan-Slim-Swivel-MountBox of the Swivel & Tilt Wall Mounted TV Bracket
Hangman no stud speaker hangerHangman No Stud Speaker Hangers (2 pack) Hangman

TV Brackets

In the world of home entertainment, TV brackets serve an integral role. These essential fixtures not only securely mount your TV to the wall but also provide a range of benefits that enhance your viewing experience.

TV brackets are designed to free up valuable floor space in your living room, bedroom, or entertainment area. By mounting your TV on the wall, you can create a more spacious and minimalist aesthetic in your room. This is particularly advantageous in smaller living spaces, where floor real estate is at a premium.

Beyond aesthetics and space-saving, TV brackets also provide improved viewing angles. Many brackets allow for tilting, swivelling, or full motion, meaning you can adjust your TV to the perfect viewing angle, reducing glare and ensuring the best view no matter where you are seated in the room.

Moreover, TV brackets offer added safety for households, especially those with children or pets. By securely affixing your TV to the wall, the risk of accidental tipping over is significantly reduced.

At Tekeir, we offer a broad selection of TV brackets suitable for a range of TV sizes and types. Whether you need a fixed, tilt, swivel, or full-motion bracket, our collection has something to suit your needs. Each of our brackets is crafted for durability and stability, providing you with peace of mind that your TV is securely mounted.