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25% Off Remotes When You Buy 2 Or More | Use Discount code: Remote25
25% Off Remotes When You Buy 2 Or More | Use Discount code: Remote25

Tekeir Replacement Air Remote | Mouse & Keyboard | Universal Compatibility

by Tekeir
Grading Information


Sold in its Original Packaging, Factory sealed.


A renewed product is a high-quality, like-new item that is open-box never used or renewed to manufacturer standards.


Products having been owned in the past by someone else. Open-box: Product shows packaging was opened.


The term 'refurbished' refers to items that have undergone maintenance before being resold.

GA - Grade A

A product restored to like-new condition:

- Looks Like new at first glance 

- very light scratching , not visible from 18cm away

- No dents. No Wear on the camera bezel.

- Screen: No visible Scratches

GB - Grade B

A product restored to a Very-good condition:

- Some signs of use such as light body scratches.

- Up to 5 hairline scratches, not longer than 2.5cm, that you can't feel with your fingernail.

- 1-2 small dents/dings no more than 0.3cm


- Very light scratching, invisible when screen is lit.

GC - Grade C

A product restored to a good condition:

- Moderate signs of use such as small scratches or dents.

- Up to 10 visible scuffs/scratches not longer than


- Up to 5 dents/dings no more than 3mm


- Light to mild scratching, invisible when screen is lit.

Original price €14.75 - Original price €14.75
Original price
€14.75 - €14.75
Current price €14.75
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  • Tekeir Replacement Air Remote
  • Versatile Usage: The Tekeir Replacement Remote Control combines the functionality of an Air Mouse and a QWERTY keyboard, making it ideal for various tasks such as navigating, typing, and gaming.
  • Precision Control: The 3-axis gyroscope sensor ensures accurate and smooth cursor movements, providing a seamless and responsive user experience.
  • Plug-and-Play: The remote control's easy setup process requires no programming. Simply insert batteries and connect the USB dongle to start using it instantly.
  • Long-Range Connectivity: With its 2.4GHz wireless connection, enjoy reliable control from a distance, providing convenience and flexibility in your setup.
  • Ergonomic Design: The remote control's lightweight and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing strain during extended usage.
  • Inclusive Compatibility: Suitable for use with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux operating systems, making it a versatile remote for multiple devices.
  • Manufacturer: Tekeir®

Tekeir Replacement Air Remote

Introducing the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control, a powerful and versatile device designed to revolutionize your interaction with electronic devices. With its gyroscopic/fly/air mouse functionality and QWERTY keyboard, this remote control offers seamless control and ease of use across a wide range of devices.

Simple and Hassle-Free Setup: No more fumbling with complex programming procedures. The Tekeir Replacement Remote Control is designed for easy setup. Just insert 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied), plug in the included USB dongle, and you're ready to go. The plug-and-play function is compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, ensuring a quick and straightforward setup process.

Perfect Functionality: Experience top-notch performance with this Replacement Compatible Remote Control. Its long-range capabilities and durability allow you to effortlessly control your devices from a distance. The layout covers all the essential functions of the original remote control, providing you with a seamless and familiar user experience.

Compact, Convenient, and Comfortable: Designed with user comfort in mind, the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control features an ergonomic and easy-grip design, reducing the risk of accidental slips. Its lightweight construction adds to the convenience, making it easy to handle for extended periods. The soft and responsive buttons ensure effortless and smooth operation.

Wide Compatibility: Say goodbye to compatibility issues. The Tekeir Replacement Remote Control works seamlessly with a variety of devices, including Android boxes, set-top boxes, XBMC, PCs, Smart TVs, Smart Boxes, Tablets, and Android TV Boxes. Its 2.4GHz wireless connection provides a stable and responsive performance, supporting popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Durable Build: Crafted with durability in mind, this remote control is made from high-quality plastic in an elegant black colour. Its infrared feature adds versatility, enabling you to control devices beyond the line of sight, making it a comprehensive remote control solution for all your needs.

Upgrade your remote control experience with the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control. Its advanced features, user-friendly setup, and broad compatibility make it an essential addition to any entertainment setup. Whether you're gaming, browsing, or streaming, this remote control is your gateway to effortless device control. Embrace the future of remote controls and let the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control enhance your digital lifestyle.

Tekeir Replacement Air Remote Mouse & Keyboard

Tekeir Replacement Air Remote / Mouse & Keyboard


Tekeir Air Remote Mouse & Keyboard

Key Functionality  
Mouse Type Gyroscopic / Fly / Air Mouse
Keyboard Type QWERTY
Gyroscope Sensor 3 Axis
Long-Range Connectivity 2.4GHz wireless connection
Batteries Required 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)
Supported Devices Android Boxes, Set-top-boxes, XBMC, PCs, 
Compatibility Amiko WLF-88, Amiko WLK-100, Amiko WLK-200, Amiko WLT-80, Android Box, ARABOX, AX95 PRO, Beelink A1, Beelink GS1, BEELINK GT-KING, C88, Celtic Warrior, COOWELL, CSA96, Docooler R39, Dolamee D5, DQ6 Android Box, DROIDBOX MXG, DROIDBOX NANO, Easytone T95 S1, EBox Q Box,EBox Q MAX, EBox R99 V2, EBox T8-6 Mini, EBox T8V, EGOIGGO S95X, EM95X, Emerge HE1, Emerge HE2, EV, EvBox, EvPad, EVPAD 3S, F8, Ferguson SR300, Ferguson SR400, Ferguson SR410, Formuler GTV, Formuler Z, Formuler Z Nano, Formuler Z+, Formuler Z7+, Formuler Z8, Formuler Zx, GEM Box, GLOBMALL X4, GOTIT S905, GREAT BEE, GT King Pro, GTMEDIA G1, GTMEDIA G2, H1, H10, H20, H3, H30, H40, H50, H6, H9 X3, H96, H96 MAX, H96 MAX+, H96 PRO, H96 PRO+, HIMEDIA, HK1 MAX, HK1 MINI, HK1 SUPER, HTPC, HX1, i9, i98, ID, ILEPO M8S PRO, ILEPO TX92, IM92, IM96, IM97, iMXQpro Mini, J15, JN9, K10, K3, K30, K91, KM5, KM8 PRO, KM8P, KM9 PRO, KODI, Laptop, LeelBox Q2, LeelBox Q3, LeelBox Q4, LEMFO, LET1, Linux, M16 / M16 LITE, M3, M8 Android Box, M8S PRO / MAX, M8SW, M92S, M96, M96X PLUS, M9S MIX, M9S PRO, M9S X1, M9S Z8, M9S Z9, M9X, MAC OS, MAG 500A, MAGICSEE IRON, MAGICSEE IRON+, MAGICSEE N4, MAXESLA MAX-C, MECOOL, MECOOL KI PRO, MECOOL KM3 ATV, MECOOL KM8, MECOOL KM9, MG Pro, Mini PC, MINIX NEO, MINIX NEO U1, MINIX NEO U9-H, MINIX NEO X39, MINIX NEO X6, MINIX NEO Z83, MU, MX PLUS II, MX Pro, MX1, MX10, MX10 Mini, MX10 PRO, MX4, MX9 PRO, MX9 PRO MINI, MXG Pro, MXIII-G, MXQ 4K, MXQ G12, MXQ M8S-MINI, MXQ PRO, MXR PRO, MXV, MyGica, Nvidia Shield, OPENBOX VX, OPENBOX VX2, PC, PROBOX2, Q PLUS 4K, Q1 / Q1 Mini, Q1 Plus, Q8, Q95, Q96, QBOX, QBOX PLUS S912, QP LOVE, R39 STAR, R69, R99, Raspberry Pi, Redline Red360, REVEZ DROID Z1, REVEZ DROID Z2, REVEZ DROID Z3, REVEZ QDROID, RKM, R-TV Box, RX3, S10, S10 Plus, S11, S9, S912, S96, SCISHION AI ONE, Scishion AI SE, SCISHION S, SCISHION V88, SCISHION V99, SCISHION X, SINTRON, SMBOX SM1, SONY PS3, SONY PS4, STRONG SRT-2020, STRONG SRT-2021, STRONG SRT-2022, STRONG SRT-2023, STRONG SRT-2120, STRONG SRT-2121, STRONG SRT-2220, STRONG SRT-2221, STRONG SRT-2400, STRONG SRT-2401, STRONG SRT-2402, Sumvision Cyclone X912 Pro, TX9S, U1, U2, U3, U8, UGOOS, V8 MAX, V88 PRO / PLUS, V9, V96, VIDEN W1, VONTAR TX92, VONTAR V1, W95, WALKER AB629C, WALKER AB629RC, WALKER AB714QC, WALKER AB916SK, WECHIP V5, WECHIP V6, Wechip V7, Wechip V8, WeTek Core, Windows, X1, X10, X10 MAX, X10 Plus, X10 Pro, X2 CUBE, X2 PRO, X3, X3 Cube, X3 Plus, X3 PRO, X5, X6, X7, X88 4G LTE, X9 Pro, X92, X95 MINI, X95 PRO, X96, X96 LINK, X96 Max, X96 MINI, X96H, X96M, X96Q, X96S, X96W, X98 Pro, X99, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, XNANO X5, XS, YOKATV KB2, Z28, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z69, Z8 ARC, ZOOMTAK H8 4K, Zoomtak H8 Plus, Zoomtak H8 Pro, ZOOMTAK HE1, ZOOMTAK K3, ZOOMTAK K9, ZOOMTAK K95, ZOOMTAK M5 PLUS, ZOOMTAK M5 PRO, ZOOMTAK T8V, ZOOMTAK U PLUS, ZOOMTAK UPRO, ZOOMTAK V PLUS, ZX69 PRO, 4LIFE 4K SMART TV BOX, A95X F1 / F2 / F3, A95X R3 / R4 / R5, ABOX A1 MAX / PLUS, AKAI Android Box, Amiko A3 & SAB Hybrid, Android Projector, BEELINK GS-KING X, Beelink GT1 Mini, DROIDBOX IMXQPRO, EGOIGGO S95X PRO, Ferguson FBOX ATV, Formuler Z Prime, H96 MAX X2 / X3 / H2, Hiremco Nitro X3+, MAGICSEE N6 / N6 PLUS, MAXESLA MAX-S II, MECOOL BB2 / BB2 PRO, MECOOL M8S PLUS W, MECOOL M8S PRO L, MECOOL M8S PRO W