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25% Off Remotes When You Buy 2 Or More | Use Discount code: Remote25
25% Off Remotes When You Buy 2 Or More | Use Discount code: Remote25

Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with LG Universal TVs | 10m Range

by Tekeir
Grading Information


Sold in its Original Packaging, Factory sealed.


A renewed product is a high-quality, like-new item that is open-box never used or renewed to manufacturer standards.


Products having been owned in the past by someone else. Open-box: Product shows packaging was opened.


The term 'refurbished' refers to items that have undergone maintenance before being resold.

GA - Grade A

A product restored to like-new condition:

- Looks Like new at first glance 

- very light scratching , not visible from 18cm away

- No dents. No Wear on the camera bezel.

- Screen: No visible Scratches

GB - Grade B

A product restored to a Very-good condition:

- Some signs of use such as light body scratches.

- Up to 5 hairline scratches, not longer than 2.5cm, that you can't feel with your fingernail.

- 1-2 small dents/dings no more than 0.3cm


- Very light scratching, invisible when screen is lit.

GC - Grade C

A product restored to a good condition:

- Moderate signs of use such as small scratches or dents.

- Up to 10 visible scuffs/scratches not longer than


- Up to 5 dents/dings no more than 3mm


- Light to mild scratching, invisible when screen is lit.

Original price €19.99 - Original price €19.99
Original price
€19.99 - €19.99
Current price €19.99
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  • Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with LG TVs
  • Enhanced Range: Enjoy the freedom to control your TV from a distance of 8 to 10 meters, allowing you to operate your TV comfortably from anywhere in the room
  • Battery-Powered: The remote requires 2x AA batteries (not included), ensuring you can quickly replace them when needed
  • Hassle-free Setup: No programming required with TV codes, making it quick and easy to use with your LG TV
  • The remote features well-labelled and easy-to-use buttons, allowing you to navigate your TV's functions effortlessly
  • Its user-friendly design ensures that everyone in the family can operate the remote with ease, from kids to seniors
  • Manufacturer: Tekeir®

Replacement Remote Control Compatible with LG TVs

Introducing the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control, a high-quality accessory designed to elevate your TV viewing experience to new heights. Compatible with various LG TV models, this remote brings effortless control right at your fingertips. Gone are the days of wrestling with TV codes for setup; the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control comes pre-programmed, ready to use with your LG TV straight out of the box. Say hello to convenience and bid farewell to complexity.

With an impressive operating range of 8-10 meters, this remote grants you the freedom to operate your TV from across the room. Whether you're lounging on the sofa or settling into your favourite chair, you can navigate your TV's functions with ease. To power this remote, simply insert 2x AA batteries (not included) for instant functionality.

While the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control is not an original LG Magic Remote Control, it doesn't compromise on performance. Its sleek design and user-friendly layout make it a reliable and efficient choice. Effortlessly switch between channels, adjust volume levels, and access essential TV settings without any hassle. Despite not featuring voice recognition capabilities, this remote compensates with its intuitive button layout and reliable performance.

Elevate your TV entertainment with the Tekeir Replacement Remote Control, a versatile and dependable accessory for your LG TV. Whether you need a spare remote or a replacement for your original, the Tekeir remote is up to the task. Upgrade your TV control experience and embrace the convenience, compatibility, and reliability that Tekeir offers. Take command of your entertainment and enjoy a seamless TV viewing experience like never before.

Replacement LG Remote Control

  • Tekeir Replacement Remote Control Compatible with LG TVs

Replacement LG TV Remote

Key Functionality  
Programming No (No need to program with TV codes)
Operating Range 8-10 meters
Power Source 2x AA batteries (not included)
Colour Black
Compatibility LG 27MT93V, LG 32LF630V, LG 32LF6509, LG 32LF650V, LG 32LN655V, LG 40LF630V, LG 40UF770V, LG 40UH630V, LG 42LA667V, LG 42LB630V, LG 42LB670V, LG 42LB671V, LG 42LB673V, LG 42LB675V, LG 42LB677V, LG 42LB679V, LG 42LB680V, LG 42LB690V, LG 42LB720V, LG 42LB730V, LG 42LB731V, LG 42LB731V, LG 42LF6400, LG 42LF650V, LG 42LF6529, LG 42LF652V, LG 42LN655V, LG 43LF630V, LG 43UF680V, LG 43UF690V, LG 43UF770V, LG 43UH6500, LG 43UH650V, LG 43UJ633T, LG 43UJ635V, LG 43UJ635V-ZF, LG 43UK6300MLB, LG 43UK6300PLB, LG 43UK6300PUE, LG 43UK6500AUA, LG 43UK6500PLA, LG 43UM7100PLB, LG 43UM7300AUE, LG 43UM7300PUA, LG 43UM7340PVA, LG 43UM7390PLC, LG 43UM7400PTA, LG 43UM7450PLA, LG 43UM7500PLA, LG 43UM7600PTA, LG 43UN71006LB, LG 43UN73003LC, LG 43UN73006LC, LG 43UN7300PUF, LG 43UN73903LE, LG 43UN73906L?, LG 43UN73906LE, LG 43UN73906LED, LG 43UN74003LB, LG 43UN74006LB, LG 43UN74007LB, LG 43UN80003LC, LG 43UN80006LC, LG 43UN81003LB, LG 43UN81006LB, LG 47LA667V, LG 47LA710V, LG 47LB630V, LG 47LB670V, LG 47LB671V, LG 47LB673V, LG 47LB675V, LG 47LB677V, LG 47LB679V, LG 47LB680V, LG 47LB690V, LG 47LB720V, LG 47LB730V, LG 47LB730V, LG 47LB731V, LG 47LM860V, LG 47LM960V, LG 49LB860V, LG 49LB870V, LG 49LF630V, LG 49LF640V, LG 49NANO803NA, LG 49NANO806NA, LG 49NANO806NAD, LG 49NANO813NA, LG 49NANO816NA, LG 49NANO85UNA, LG 49NANO863NA, LG 49NANO866NA, LG 49NANO867NA, LG 49NANO867NAD, LG 49SK8000PLB, LG 49SK8000PUA, LG 49SM8100PTA, LG 49SM8100PVA, LG 49SM8200PLA, LG 49SM8600PLA, LG 49SM8600PUA, LG 49SM8600PVA, LG 49SM9000PLA, LG 49UF680V, LG 49UF690V, LG 49UF770V, LG 49UF850V, LG 49UH6500, LG 49UH650V, LG 49UH770V, LG 49UH8500, LG 49UH850V, LG 49UJ7700, LG 49UK6300MLB, LG 49UK6300PLB, LG 49UK6300PUE, LG 49UM7100PLB, LG 49UM7300PUA, LG 49UM7390PLC, LG 49UN71006LB, LG 49UN73003LA, LG 49UN73006LA, LG 49UN73903LE, LG 49UN73906L?, LG 49UN73906LE, LG 49UN73906LED, LG 49UN74003LB, LG 49UN74006LB, LG 50LB670V, LG 50LB675V, LG 50LB677V, LG 50LF652V, LG 50PH670V, LG 50UF830V, LG 50UH630V, LG 50UH635V, LG 50UK6300MLB, LG 50UK6300PUE, LG 50UK6500AUA, LG 50UK6500PLA, LG 50UM7300PUA, LG 50UM7340PVA, LG 50UM7400PTA, LG 50UM7450PLA, LG 50UM7500PLA, LG 50UM7600PTA, LG 50UN73003LA, LG 50UN73006LA, LG 50UN7300PUF, LG 50UN74003LB, LG 50UN74006LB, LG 50UN74007LB, LG 50UN80003LC, LG 50UN80006LC, LG 50UN8050PUD, LG 50UN81003LB, LG 50UN81006LB, LG 55EF9509, LG 55EF950V, LG 55EG9209, LG 55EG920V, LG 55EG920V, LG 55EG9609, LG 55EG960V, LG 55LA710V, LG 55LB630V, LG 55LB650V, LG 55LB670V, LG 55LB671V, LG 55LB673V, LG 55LB675V, LG 55LB680V, LG 55LB690V, LG 55LB720V, LG 55LB730V, LG 55LB731V, LG 55LB860V, LG 55LB870V, LG 55LF630V, LG 55LF640V, LG 55LF650V, LG 55LF6529, LG 55LF652V, LG 55LM860V, LG 55LM960V, LG 55NANO803NA, LG 55NANO806NA, LG 55NANO806NAD, LG 55NANO813NA, LG 55NANO816NA, LG 55NANO81ANA, LG 55NANO85UNA, LG 55NANO863NA, LG 55NANO866NA, LG 55NANO867NA, LG 55NANO867NAD, LG 55NANO903NA, LG 55NANO906NA, LG 55NANO90UNA, LG 55NANO913NA, LG 55NANO916NA, LG 55NANO917NA, LG 55NANO956NA, LG 55OLEDB8, LG 55SJ8000, LG 55SJ800V, LG 55SJ850, LG 55SJ8500, LG 55SJ8500, LG 55SJ850V, LG 55SJ9500, LG 55SJ950V, LG 55SK8000PLB, LG 55SK8000PUA, LG 55SK9000, LG 55SK9500PLA, LG 55SK9500PUA, LG 55SM8100PTA, LG 55SM8100PVA, LG 55SM8200PLA, LG 55SM8600PLA, LG 55SM8600PTA, LG 55SM8600PUA, LG 55SM8600PVA, LG 55SM9000PTA, LG 55SM9000PUA, LG 55SM9000PVA, LG 55SM9010PLA, LG 55UF680V, LG 55UF695V, LG 55UF770V, LG 55UF850V, LG 55UF850V, LG 55UF860V, LG 55UF860V, LG 55UF940V, LG 55UF950V, LG 55UG870V, LG 55UH650V, LG 55UH6550, LG 55UH7700, LG 55UH7700, LG 55UH7700UB, LG 55UH770V, LG 55UH8500, LG 55UH8500UA, LG 55UH850V, LG 55UH950V, LG 55UJ7700, LG 55UK6300MLB, LG 55UK6300PLB, LG 55UK6300PUE, LG 55UK6500AUA, LG 55UK6500PLA, LG 55UK7700PUD, LG 55UM7100PLB, LG 55UM7300AUE, LG 55UM7300PUA, LG 55UM7400PTA, LG 55UM7450PLA, LG 55UM7450PVA, LG 55UM7510PLA, LG 55UM7600PTA, LG 55UM7660PVA, LG 55UN71006LB, LG 55UN73003LA, LG 55UN73006LA, LG 55UN7300PUF, LG 55UN74003LB, LG 55UN74006LB, LG 55UN74007LB, LG 55UN80003LA, LG 55UN80006LA, LG 55UN8050PUD, LG 55UN81003LB, LG 55UN81006LB, LG 58UF830V, LG 58UH630V, LG 58UH635V, LG 60LB650V, LG 60LB680V, LG 60LB720V, LG 60LB730V, LG 60LB730V, LG 60LB731V, LG 60LB860V, LG 60LB870V, LG 60PH670V, LG 60SJ8000, LG 60SJ8000, LG 60SJ800V, LG 60SJ850V, LG 60UF770V, LG 60UF850V, LG 60UH650V, LG 60UH6550, LG 60UH7700, LG 60UH7700, LG 60UH7700UB, LG 60UH770V, LG 60UH8500, LG 60UH850V, LG 60UJ7700, LG 60UM7100PLB, LG 60UM7150PTA, LG 60UN71006LB, LG 65EF9509, LG 65EF950V, LG 65EF980V, LG 65EG9609, LG 65EG960V, LG 65LB680V, LG 65LB730V, LG 65NANO806NA, LG 65NANO806NAD, LG 65NANO816NA, LG 65NANO81ANA, LG 65NANO85UNA, LG 65NANO863NA, LG 65NANO866NA, LG 65NANO867NA, LG 65NANO867NAD, LG 65NANO903NA, LG 65NANO906NA, LG 65NANO90UNA, LG 65NANO913NA, LG 65NANO916NA, LG 65NANO917NA, LG 65NANO953NA, LG 65NANO956NA, LG 65NANO979NA, LG 65NANO97UNA, LG 65NANO993NA, LG 65NANO996NA, LG 65NANO999NA, LG 65NANO99UNA, LG 65SJ8000, LG 65SJ800V, LG 65SJ8500, LG 65SJ850A, LG 65SJ850A, LG 65SJ850V, LG 65SJ9500, LG 65SJ950V, LG 65SK8000AUB, LG 65SK8000PLB, LG 65SK8000PUA, LG 65SK9000, LG 65SK9500PLA, LG 65SK9500PUA, LG 65SM8100PTA, LG 65SM8100PVA, LG 65SM8200PLA, LG 65SM8600PLA, LG 65SM8600PTA, LG 65SM8600PUA, LG 65SM8600PVA, LG 65SM9000PTA, LG 65SM9000PUA, LG 65SM9000PVA, LG 65SM9010PLA, LG 65SM9450PTA, LG 65SM9500PUA, LG 65UF770V, LG 65UF850V, LG 65UF860V, LG 65UF940V, LG 65UF950V, LG 65UG870V, LG 65UH650V, LG 65UH6550, LG 65UH7700, LG 65UH7700UB, LG 65UH770V, LG 65UH8500, LG 65UH850V, LG 65UH950V, LG 65UJ7700, LG 65UK6300MLB, LG 65UK6300PLB, LG 65UK6300PUE, LG 65UK6500AUA, LG 65UK6500PLA, LG 65UK7700PUD, LG 65UM7100PLB, LG 65UM7300AUE, LG 65UM7300PUA, LG 65UM7400PTA, LG 65UM7450PLA, LG 65UM7450PVA, LG 65UM7510PLA, LG 65UM7600PTA, LG 65UM7660PVA, LG 65UN71006LB, LG 65UN73003LA, LG 65UN73006LA, LG 65UN7300PUF, LG 65UN74003LB, LG 65UN74006LB, LG 65UN74007LB, LG 65UN80003LA, LG 65UN80006LA, LG 65UN8050PUD, LG 65UN81003LB, LG 65UN81006LB, LG 70LB650V, LG 70UF770V, LG 70UF772V, LG 70UH6550, LG 70UK6500PLB, LG 70UK6570AUB, LG 70UK6570PUB, LG 70UM6970PUA, LG 70UM7100PLA, LG 70UM7300PTA, LG 70UM7370PUA, LG 70UM7380PVA, LG 70UN71006LA, LG 70UN7370PUC, LG 70UN74006LA, LG 75NANO85UNA, LG 75NANO903NA, LG 75NANO906NA, LG 75NANO90UNA, LG 75NANO916NA, LG 75NANO979NA, LG 75NANO97UNA, LG 75NANO993NA, LG 75NANO996NA, LG 75NANO999NA, LG 75NANO99UNA, LG 75SJ8570, LG 75SJ857A, LG 75SK8070AUB, LG 75SK8070PUA, LG 75SM8600PTA, LG 75SM8610PLA, LG 75SM8670PUA, LG 75SM9000PLA, LG 75SM9070PUA, LG 75SM9400PTA, LG 75SM9900PLA, LG 75UH655V, LG 75UH8500, LG 75UK6500PLA, LG 75UK6570AUA, LG 75UK6570PUB, LG 75UM6970PUB, LG 75UM7110PLB, LG 75UM7570PUD, LG 75UM7580PVA, LG 75UM7600PTA, LG 75UN71006LC, LG 75UN7370PUE, LG 75UN81006LB, LG 75UN85003LA, LG 75UN85006LA, LG 75UN8570PUC, LG 79UF770V, LG 79UF770V, LG 79UF860V, LG 82UN85003LA, LG 82UN85006LA, LG 82UN8570PUC, LG 84LM960V, LG 86NANO903NA, LG 86NANO906NA, LG 86NANO90UNA, LG 86NANO913NA, LG 86NANO916NA, LG 86SM9000PLA, LG 86SM9070PUA, LG 86UH9500, LG 86UK6500PLA, LG 86UK6570AUA, LG 86UK6570PUB, LG 86UM7580PVA, LG 86UM7600PLB, LG 86UM7600PTA, LG 86UM8070AUA